The Parkside Junior Football Club was formed in 2005 by the Committee of the Alphington-Fairfield Auskick clinic as a result of strong demand from families seeking a junior football pathway in the local community around Pitcher Park in Alphington.

The Club started with its first Tackers team in the Yarra Junior Football League in the 2006 season. It has since added one team each year and now fields 14 teams from underage to Colts including 4 Girls' teams with just over 290 players. 

The Club celebrated its first two premierships in 2012 with the Under 12s and Under 15s both winning their grand finals.

The Club is also affiliated with the Alphington-Fairfield Auskick clinic, which has over 150 participants.

The Club is looking to continue to build a solid foundation to ensure a prosperous future.

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  • Vince Romano - Coaching Coordinator (0411 749 404)
  • Clive Vickers - Conduct Manager (0418 345 654)
  • Simone Land - Social events coordinator (0407 156 572)
  • Donna Buchanan - Girls Team Coordinator (0438 204 920)
  • Steve Daly - Committee Member (0418 564 920)
  • Peter Scott - Commitee Member (0459 223 994)
  • Lex Taylor - Committee Member (0439 393 131)


2012 was a breakthrough year with the Club picking up its first Premiership flags in the Under 15s and Under 12s.  The Under 13s and Under 11s were also runners up in 2012.  This was followed up in 2013 with the Under 15s winning our third premiership.

In 2014 our Under 14s did it again with their second premiership, having first won as Under 12s in 2012.

In 2015 our Under 11s won the premiership in Brown Division. The team won only 2 of their first 8 games for the season but barnstormed through the rest of the year, and then in a nail-biting Grand Final won with a goal in the last minute of the game.

Well done to all the teams.  Let’s build on these successes for 2017 and beyond.


To the tune of “Roll out the Barrels”:

They say we play like devils,
Red devils we certainly are,
They all fear Parkside,
against us they never get far,
We never give in and here is a red hot tip,
This is the year for Parkside and the premiership,
Who are, who are, who are we,
we are the team from PFC
Razzle dazzle yeah yeah yeah
Parkside Parkside yeah yeah yeah
P-A-R-K-S-I-D-E Parkside

200 CLUB

Our goal – to raise funds for the future upgrade of facilities at Pitcher Park.

The 200 Club has been established with the aim of raising $40,000 for the Club.  Membership to this “exclusive” club is open to the first 200 members and membership costs $200 for life. Members will be honoured on a membership board that has pride of place in the clubrooms.  Funds donated to the 200 Club will go expressly to a building fund, not consolidated revenue.

Funds have already been put to good use through the new concreted area in front of the canteen and joining the clubrooms, the extension of the canteen roof, the replacement of the coaches boxes and player interchange benches and the construction of a new timekeepers box and storage facility. The next stage of development is the construction of a new electronic scoreboard.

The Club would like to thank the following people for their support of this initiative to date:

  1. Clive Vickers
  2. Hans Wabl
  3. Malcolm White
  4. Neil Lawson
  5. Dave Coulter
  6. Peter Cottingham
  7. Frank Catena
  8. Laurie Cloonan
  9. Andrew Holden
  10. Emer Holden
  11. Matthew Holden
  12. Paul Holden
  13. Joseph Holden
  14. Vince Romano
  15. Olivia Romano
  16. Isaac Romano
  17. Michael Romano
  18. Matthew Romano
  19. Scott Harris
  20. Damian O’Sullivan
  21. Goatcher Family
  22. Marshall Toohey
  23. Davis Boys
  24. Maureen & John Kettyle
  25. Nolan Family
  26. Richard Price
  27. James Wilson
  28. Russell Sands
  29. Peter Vollebergh
  30. Brett Krieger
  31. Logozzo Family
  32. Matt Harman
  33. Dominic Lanciana
  34. Patrick & Christina Nogara
  35. Angus Baird
  36. Bufardeci Family
  37. Dean Waters
  38. Alder Family
  39. John Hand
  40. Linda Peterson
  41. Elliott Family
  42. Paul Sofronoff
  43. David Nelson
  44. Peter Redden
  45. Davis Family
  46. Ruffles Salon
  47. Aris Bianchi
  48. Clare & Neil Hamilton
  49. Ben Lloyd
  50. Andy Briant

We hope many more will get on board.  If you would like to join, please contact Malcolm White on 0417 373 795.