Parkside Junior Football Club
Policies and Procedures

Adherence to Core Values

Club Policy No. 1

Adherence to Core Values

In the conduct and execution of its activities, the Parkside Junior Football Club (PJFC) will always be governed by adherence to its core values.

At PJFC our core values are:

1. Promotion of Australian Rules and Junior Football. 

In doing so we hope to nurture and enhance the development and improvement of football skills and to promote attitudes of good sportsmanship, temperament, cooperation with others and character in children.

2. The encouragement of participation by all. 

We encourage participation, regardless of ability by maximization of enjoyment while placing winning in perspective and encourage respect for others including umpires, opponents and fellow players. We strenuously oppose all forms of verbal, racial and physical abuse.

3. Fostering of Community Spirit.

We achieve our aims through an environment that encourages family and community involvement. Our operation is only possible through the ongoing support of parents. Each team has a Coach, Assistant Coach, Trainer and Team Manager. Parents of our players primarily fill these positions.

Parents are rostered on for match day duties including goal umpire, boundary umpire, timekeeper, umpire’s escort and ground marshal. We operate a canteen at home games and parents are rostered on to assist in the canteen as well.

4. Fun and enjoyment.

Above all, PJFC is about everybody involved with the Club enjoying themselves and having fun.