Age Groups

Club Policy No. 3

Age Group

It is the mission of the PJFC to provide all registered players with a safe and caring environment so they can gain maximum enjoyment and development, whilst participating in both routine training and game day matches.  The Club’s policy with this regard can be summarised as follows.

Playing within age group:

PJFC recommends that players register in their correct age group (see below table).

PJFC will allow registered players to play outside their age group as defined by the rules of the Yarra Junior Football League.

The following table outlines the applicable age groups for the PJFC teams:

    TEAM Minimum Age @ Birthday during calendar year of the season
    Under 8 8 (must also be 7 by 1 January)
    Under 9 9
    Under 10 10
    Under 11 11
    Under 12 12
    Under 13 13
    Under 14 14
    Under 15 15
    Under 16 16
    Colts 17

    Placement of players within a team:

    PJFC retains sole responsibility for the placement of players within a particular team within the player’s correct age group.  In doing so the coaches will be asked to select evenly matched teams to enable all players’ equal opportunities.

    Preference will be given to players who will reach the age outlined in the table above.  In the event that numbers are not sufficient, players born in the next most recent calendar year will be eligible for selection.  Preference will be given based on date of registration with PJFC.  No players with ages above those listed in the above table for the respective teams will be eligible for selection in that team.  Preference is also given to players that registered with PJFC the prior year.

    The Club applies the Policy without exception for very sound reasons:

    • Health and safety of its players;
    • In recognition that football development experts consider it is desirable from a player development perspective;
    • It is the preferred position of the Yarra Junior Football League;
    • It is non-discriminatory as it applies to all;
    • It provides clarity and certainty for players and parents; and
    • It is administratively sound.