Safety Policy

Club Policy No. 5

Safety Policy

  • Players should apply sunscreen prior to commencement of play and reapply it during breaks in play on sunny days.
  • All players should make sure that they are fully aware of the rules of the game, particularly as they relate to safety.
  • All players must wear a mouthguard at all times during both training and competition. If possible, players should wear custom-made or professionally fitted mouthguards.
  • Players with a history of head injury should seek professional advice about the appropriateness of wearing headgear.
  • Players with a history of ankle injury should wear some form of external support (e.g. taping).
  • Thigh protectors may be useful for players who have suffered a recent corked thigh or those with a history of significant corked thighs.

Pre-season safety

  • Parents and guardians should satisfy themselves that the children for whom they are responsible are medically fit to participate, and sustain the rigours of Junior Football. Should parents/guardians have any doubts as to the medical fitness of their child they should consult a suitably qualified physician for guidance.

Pre-game safety

  • All players should warm-up for about 20 minutes before the commencement of each game. This should include stretching to increase flexibility and slow jogging which progresses to more intense running activities, with and without a football; Note: the Coach will provide an outline of the appropriate warm-up routine.
  • Players should have a balanced, nutritional diet.
  • Players should ensure that they are adequately hydrated (i.e. had enough water) before training and matches.